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Benefits of Lemlock security scans

The application security control process is fully automated, i.e. without human intervention. This is possible thanks to the use of intelligent scanners created and made available by cybersecurity specialists and scientific representatives from the Wrocław University of Technology. Their main goal was to support and accelerate the process of verification of the security level of commissioned applications or digital solutions.

You can choose one of the 3 types of security scans for web application, and each of them guarantees:

Multilevel verification of the application

Depending on the plan chosen, the security scan is carried out at various levels in the web application but includes both front-end and back-end elements. Automatic scans approach the subject of the test in a holistic way - it is not possible for the scan to skip a given part of the application. This gives you confidence when it comes to comprehensively controlling the status of your solution's security measures.

Quick identification of critical vulnerabilities

Through scans, you can identify dangerous vulnerabilities in the application, which can be used by cyber criminals at any time and thus cause numerous damage, e.g. violation of infrastructure and architecture in the application, theft and misuse of data, loss of reputation and trust of users or financial penalties caused by non-compliance with the GDPR.

Secure transmission of scan results

The results of the security test are forwarded in the form of a dedicated website to the e-mail address provided. You can open a document with the results of a security scan within 24 hours and only once. This guarantees the confidentiality of information and minimizes the risk of the report getting into the wrong hands.

Full control over the process

It is you who start the entire web application scan process. The mechanism initiating the scan is available from the level of the e-mail which you specified earlier. That is why the final decision regarding the selected scan is always on your side.

Ready-to-implement recommendations

The generated report consists of recommendations increasing the level of application security. The technical employee responsible for implementing the necessary modifications is able to immediately eliminate vulnerabilities, thanks to detailed descriptions of recommendations. In addition, within each scan, you can consult the report's results with the Lemlock cybersecurity specialist.

Full scanning isolation

The scan will be carried out in full isolation. First of all, it means that the performed scanning service is completely separated from scans carried out for other apps. The scanners do not share any resources with each other, including memory.

Select the type of security scan

you want to perform for your application

Why choose Lemlock as a Cybersecurity Partner?

Discover the features and key advantages of Lemlock and learn more about our vision.

1The complete approach to security services. In addition to conducting penetration tests and security audits, we provide support in the process of implementing the recommended protection measures into the application.
Application security verification at the technical and legal level, thanks to established cooperation with legal partners. Our team includes pentesters and security auditors, software engineers and lawyers oriented on compliance with GDPR.
Possibility of getting direct contact with Cybersecurity experts and consulting with them issues that require clarification. The distance between the two sides is shortened, and the terms of cooperation are always specific and understandable.
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Bartłomiej Balcerek

Graduate of the Wrocław University of Technology and its longtime employee. Author of scientific publications in the field of IT security. The former administrator of distributed system and programmer, for 10 years he has been involved in the execution and coordination of penetration tests and security audits.

One of our projects - AI Platform - received positive reviews and was awarded by the polish National Center for Research and Development (No. 5 / 1.1.1 / 2017). The whole idea of the Lemlock Platform was based on the detection of cyber attacks by means of Artificial Intelligence mechanisms.